Valentine's Story

Valentine Viannay is a Parisian artist and designer. She comes from a theatre and film set design background. Learned how to make her own jewelry and sew her clothes at a young age in her mother's jewelry studio in Paris.

Creator of the Painter Genie in San Diego in 2001, a luxurious faux finishes and mural and custom fabric service.

Valentine started product designing in 2006 as another avenue of creativity. Her passion is definitely driven in making sustainable and local products, using natural fibers and products that will make less of a foot print. Creating products happened through collaborations with other designers mostly and then small business stores. 'I would not have gone into printing yardage if an interior designer hadn't commissioned a specific fabric design and I fell in love with the process. For instance I was asked to make napkins for an art show called 'eat your art out' and then printed the design on a dish towel for myself, all my friends wanted one. That was the beginning of the funny quotes towels. It was also during the recession, the towels were an affordable gift and everyone needed a laugh. And the rest is history...' Valentine

You can visit Valentine's Studio L'Atelier in Mission Hills San Diego.