Collection: Furoshiki Japanese multi functional bags

Furoshikis are an ancient Japanese technique of folding fabric, a little like origami. You can turn a piece of cloth into various shapes to wrap a present, make a bag or use as a head dress or simply as a picnic blanket or table cloth.

Valentine took this traditional idea and gave it a modern twist. Turning the square into a board game, a play mat for children and modern textile art. All handmade in San Diego studio.

We offer you a selection of different fabric squares each hand printed, a little thicker in quality, like thin denim. All are natural fabrics, cotton twill, organic cotton, denim or linen including one of a kind furoshikis created with recycled fabrics from the workshop printing table turned into works of art.

Straps: Each straps or bag come with instructions and you can create your own furoshiki bags with a silk scarf.